Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back in Shell - with everyone

Near the end of our trip, all of the interns from Quito joined those of us in Shell to work together both in the Desarollo Communitario office (Community Development) and in the nearby Hospital Vozandes Del Oriente. It was great to introduce the Quito-ites to the jungle, and watch them squirm a bit when they saw all the bugs.

Below: The Desarollo Communitario Team
From left to right: Renee Lau, Eric Fogg (Engineer missionary from Michigan), me, Alfredo Leon (Emgineer from nearby Puyo, Ecuador), Alex Leon (Missionary Engineer from Southampton, England), Wim DeGroen (Engineer missionary from the Netherlands), Ryan, and Quito-ites Will and Ian

Below: The original Shell crew, an incredible group of people from all over the U.S. and the world

From left to right: Eric Fogg, Renee Lau (Eng, CA), me, Alyssa Temte (Pre-Med, MN), Alfredo Leon, Alex Leon, Wim DeGroen, Susan Metzger (Physical Therapy, MT), Ryan Hough (Eng, WV) and Elizabeth Diesing (Nursing, VT).

Below: After enjoying beautiful weather for a whole week- rain for only about three hours a day- we knew our luck was running out. It rained a good 20 hrs straight on this day. (And this is considered the dry season!) Of course as interns, we had the privilege of riding in the bed of the truck on this trip to a jungle community.

Location:Shell, Ecuador

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