Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Digging trenches for a water project in Daldal

After two and a half weeks in Shell (3000ft altitude) we all traveled to the mountain community of (12000ft) to help dig 14km of trenches for their water project. It was a stark contrast from the jungle, but very beautiful nonetheless

Below: Head engineer Bruce Rydbeck inspects the most recently installed collector tank. It's very simplistic so that the locals can keep it running, yet just technological enough to do the job. Pretty sweet.

Below: Engineer Ephraim leads our group to the next collector box. HCJB likes to hire Ecuadorians such as Ephraim, who grew up just a short distance from Daldal, as they know more about the land and people and culture than any gringo could.

Below: We also worked with the kids in the community as well. We were very intentional on teaching them hygiene, by making them wash their hands before they were given their snack. Clean water can't help anyone without proper hygiene and sanitation.

Location:Daldal, Ecuador

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